City of Stars - Mary Hoffman

sorry if the work was bad but i bad my ears problems could not be care so i don't know what i have and how to care it
story:stravaganza city of stars
clips from ostwind mika e milan
harry e hermione liberano sirus from hp 3
picture of the book cover from official facebook stravaganzaa
picture of the horse from bing search
picture with ttext by scorpius did in italy

i start today this book to keep calm newt and maybe it's better that before i finish city of masks but i like the couple and try to do a video about their friendship and the love for the horses fierobecco was merla the horse. i know that georgia is not like the girl but i have no clip of a girl like her with horses so i try with this i think nick is good quite long dark and wave hair , joung boy ... it's right. i hope you enjoy anyway. i think tat the start of the video was good she is in the horses places like georgia when she arrived in Talia.