City of Flowers - Mary Hoffman
hi sorry for the bad audio but i did it anyway could not do better anyway is a summary of geogia's love story and life between london and talia i used the same character i used in the other stravaganza videos i put again the part of the argento went ourt and sandro had to help people because it's connected if you read the books you ould understand why. it's impotant also the duel between niccolò and luciano. this is quite a trailer where i speack for all the characters i wanted. mainly georgia and arianna.
here the words if you cant understand or can't understand italian.

"I've loved it since we were in the school orchestra together"
"I never thought I could see him again."
The jockey of the Montone is a she .....mhm..."
"Where there is Arianna there is Luciano"
"I can not Pèerdere also Nicolas."